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Neutrius mp3 player

Neutrius 1.01 [media player] - 15 Jan. 2004 

*The main neutrius site has moved to 

Neutrius will play .mp3, .wav and other media files. The whole idea behind it
is to use the least amount of system resources, thus not slowing
down your system.

I have added an Install Program for Neutrius, which of course has an Uninstall option.

- Support for .mp2, .mp3, .wav,  .wma audio files.
- Support for .npls, .b4s, .m3u, .pls playlists
-Drag and Drop files into playlist
-Customizable Title captions
-Skins are easy to make
-Locks to sides of screen
-No visualizations


Name HD Space Ram Usage CPU Usage Threads Overall
Windows Media Player 9 17.5 mb 10,560 kb 3.7% 27 0.46775
Winamp 3 7.10 mb 18,036 kb 0.2% 6 0.48865
Neutrius 0.912 beta 722 kb 9,892 kb 0.9% 9 0.32411

The lower the #s the better. The highest #'s are in red, the lowest in blue.
Overall, (average), Neutrius uses the least amount of Resources.


The whole thing using the skin "Sunrise"

The mini version locked near my system tray

Download for Microsoft Windows. (Only tested on Win2k and XP)

Please get the latest from:

Neutrius Skin Maker (Coming Soon!)


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