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MiniKeyLogger 0.2 - Log keys to a text file

Ever wonder who is really using your computer?
This program will log all keys typed and store it to C:\Windows\syskl.txt
It will automatically start up with windows unless you specifically remove it. Future versions will have customizable options.

Technical Info:
Saves to file every 15 seconds
Uses theHOOK.dll
and SystemMKL.exe
If you want to run it in visible mode, run it with the parameter "SystemMKL.exe -show"

Installation Info:
Unzip and open InstallMKL.exe
Extract to whatever directory you choose, then to start, double click SystemMKL.exe in the directory that you extracted to.


Quick Tutorial

Flash Video Tutorial


Download for Windows 95,98,ME,2000,NT,XP

MinikKeyLogger 0.2 (11/12/03)


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