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- EzAlarm (alarms)
- Addy (address book)
- Mini Alarm (more alarms)
- To-Do (checklist)
- SR Tracker (signups)
- NetSendit (messenger)
- Reindeer (chess client)
OS Utility
- Synergy Wizard (wizard)
- PowerNamer (renamer)
- Whisper (windows mod)
- Elite Security (security)
- MiniKeyLogger (keylog)
- Maven (power utility)
- Neutrius (mp3 player)

- Eingame (logic game)
- Thinkfast (sync speed)



Maven - The Power Utility for Windows - 16 May 2003

After about 2 weeks of solely working on the Alarm/Reminders system,
 it is now perfected and bug free as tested. I created a new concept
 of Alarm/Reminders by "painting" the reminder directly to the
 screen in front of all other windows.

*CPU Usage is not always displayed correctly. On my system it is always seen at a 100%
which is false. But on other Windows 2000 systems it seems to be working correctly.


Take control of Windows and quickly access tools you will use over and over again.
 Includes options such as Minimize All, Close All, Windows modification manager,
 POP3 Email checker, SMTP client, IE Popup killer, quick notes, address book,
quick encrypt, alarms and reminders, and the special
Hidden Box! (which is like it's own taskbar)


Changes History Current Features
(red = new, green = updated)
Changes in 0.998
-Added Alarms/Reminders
-Maven now works for Windows 95!
-Turn off CPU Monitor if desired
-Implemented Saving of Options
-Made POP3 email look better
-Added Registration option
-Added Window positioning options
-Revamped Alignment system
-Quickly add birthday reminder
-Added Maven Transparency
-Added cool effect when maven starts up
-Auto-start with windows option
-Fixed Major Bugs

Changes in 0.911

-Drag and Dock to left and right
-Hidden Box (You'll love it!)
-Made Windows list look better
-Ctrl-Alt-H hides window to box
-Ctrl-Alt-S shows last hidden
-Ctrl-Alt-M Hides/Shows Maven
-Added new graphic in "about"
-Fixed Tray Icon bug
  1. Minimize All

  2. Close all of one type

  3. Windows Manager

  4. Email Checker

  5. Email Sender

  6. IE Popup Killer

  7. Quick Notes

  8. Address Book

  9. Quick Encrypt

  10. Alarms/Reminders

  11. Hidden Box

  12. CPU Usage

  13. RAM Usage

  14. Physical Memory

  15. Virtual Memory

  16. Computer Uptime



Click here for a full blown shot of All the options at once

In System Tray (0.905) These are the currently hidden windows in the hidden box.


Powerful Windows Management Control (0.911)

For example if you register Maven 1.0,
 you will be able to receive Maven 2.0
for free!

Download for Microsoft Windows (free trial version)

Latest Release
The Maven download is free. You may run Maven any number of times.
You are limited to 15 minutes of use. When you register, you will be granted
full access, and have no limits on use.

Maven 0.998 for Windows(95/98/ME/2000/XP) (*.zip) (650 kb)

Technical Information
Maven is a stand alone file. It requires no install. Simply unzip maven
to its own directory, create a shortcut if desired, and Run it.
Maven gives you the power

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