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While judging the book by it's cover you may be skeptical about EinGame.
EinGame is completely 2D and lacking in the graphics department. This
doesn't change the addictive easy-to-play mind enhancing role playing
game. Do you remember Zelda for Nintendo? How could you forget.
EinGame's objective is a direct descendant from it.

How to play

Screen Shots

Who made EinGame?
EinGame was coded in Borland C++Builder 6 by Jim Kinsman.
Most of the graphics were created by Jim Kinsman as well.
The main EinGame title (as seen above) was created by John Goodwin.
The boss in level 3 (Necromicus) was created by Matt Harding.
The boss and all of the badguys in level 4 were created by Dennis Collier.

You will enjoy EinGame if:
-You like RPG games like Zelda
-You enjoy thinking in puzzling situations
-You care more about enjoyment of the game than graphics
-You like non-intense action thinking games
-You love beating high-scores
-You enjoy finding well-placed secrets holding cash and power-ups

What type of game is EinGame?
It is quite hard to decide what type of game it is. I would say it is a
clash between an RPG and a puzzler type game. Try it out!

System Requirements
Windows 95 or higher.
1024 by 768 Screen Resolution or higher.
66 mhz cpu or higher.

Download EinGame
The latest version came out 8 July 2003.
It contains 5 levels. It is free.
EinGame 0.9 (455 kb)

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