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- EzAlarm (alarms)
- Addy (address book)
- Mini Alarm (more alarms)
- To-Do (checklist)
- SR Tracker (signups)
- NetSendit (messenger)
- Reindeer (chess client)
OS Utility
- Synergy Wizard (wizard)
- PowerNamer (renamer)
- Whisper (windows mod)
- Elite Security (security)
- MiniKeyLogger (keylog)
- Maven (power utility)
- Neutrius (mp3 player)

- Eingame (logic game)
- Thinkfast (sync speed)


Contact Us

Contact Us


James A Kinsman
Location: Arnold, Md. United States of America
About: Graduated University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in August 2007.
Thoughts: I think the most important part of a good programmer is the ability to create a good design several days before the actual coding.
I believe:  That Jesus Christ is the only way, and all other religions are lies. He saved me from my life of shame and wants to save you.
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